Pay Per Minute Overview

Watch Only What You Want

Use your minutes any way you want: fast-forward to the good parts, get in, get off! You can purchase more minutes to add to your total at any time. PPM works with our entire video on-demand library and you can start watching now for as low as eight cents per minute.

Choose a PPM Package

Choose the PPM package that best suits your viewing needs. We will process your request immediately so you can start viewing content from our vast video on-demand library right away.

Premium PPM

Premium PPM titles will use a little more of your viewing time; this allows us to offer you the highest quality content from the most popular studios. Premium items will deduct 2 (or sometimes 3) minutes for every 1 minute viewed.

Save Money and Happy Viewing

As you view our on-demand content, we deduct minutes from your total until your minutes reach zero. When you stop watching, the minutes stop counting. Watch only the parts you want and save money in the process.

Pay With Minutes

Pay Per Minutes are more flexible than ever! We now offer the option to pay for additional streaming products using your available minutes. Use minutes to rent, stream for life and even download eligible video on demand titles. Pay With Minutes works for the purchase of scenes or full movies.

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